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2006.05.18 (Thu)

■[ 昆虫 ] テントウムシ

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Everyone has their “feeling un-photogenic” days, but I feel for baby Kylie here. She’s only 16, has a big sis who is poised to make a comfortable living as a model, and is a member of the ridiculously camera-happy Kardashian clan, but none of that means she has to love being assaulted by flash photography as soon as she steps out of the airport. I don’t envy any adolescent who’s thrust into the public eye, especially in an awful “reality tv”-type setting. Being 16 is hard enough.Here’s Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta coming out of a building in NYC, playing the part of exorbitantly wealthy (yet slightly confused) ingenue this week, instead of that she was days ago. (We love you both ways, Lady Gaga. Don’t ever change.) She’s carrying a Versace Medusa Tote, which is from the Spring 2014 runway and, as you might suspect, not available to the masses just yet. While you’re waiting for this bag to hit shelves, you can bide your time by shopping a pleasing selection of , or by perusing .
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30 minit kemudian????????? “WeiRael Bangunlah woi Dah pukul 12 dah ni”bisik Izz yang cuba mengejutku dari lelapan yang tak dapat dicegah lagi memang mengantuk jawab exam ni Signal masih lagi ?out of reach? kerana aku tidak memberi sebarang respon selain daripada dengkuranku yang comel Agaknya si Azrael ni mimpi pergi masuk hutan kotbisik hati Izz Kali ini dia menyentapku dengan pembaris panjangnya “Bangunlah mangkuk Lagi setengah jam lagi” Cubaan keduanya ada sedikit membuahkan hasiltapi sedikit aje lah “hmmmape??? pastikan kamu dapat kertas soalan yang betul,Kekuatan SEBUMIX semakin lemah . Manakala SEBUMIX 99 telah berlepas ke Gunung YO untuk membebaskan tahanan yang begitu ramai .Nenek tersenyum penuh makna membuatkan aku serba-salah. nek. Entah kenapa hatinya seperti tertarik dengan suasana di atas bukit ini. Cikgu Azhar nak jumpa awak kat bilik guru. Dan pabila melihat awak hati saya seperti ditikam. Hujan tiba-tiba tanpa ku sedari.Asmakum.“Kau ni, Kenapa semua ni jadi pada saya? “Abah akan cuba p...
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” Ilham memandang ku lembut. Don’t ask me back. temanku.” Angah. Angaaaah” katanya perlahan sambil mengurut dadaWajahnya berkerut menahan sakit Gadis tersebut tidak menghiraukan ibunya yang terkulai di lantai Dia sebaliknya masuk ke bilik dan berkurung tanda protes Di dalam bilik dia membaling bantal dan selimutnya ke dindingSementara itu diluar suasana sunyi sepi Hampir sejam kemudian barulah gadis tersebut keluar Alangkah terkejutnya dia kerana ibunya tidak bergerak lagiTaktala dipegang ke pergelangan tangan dan bawah leher tidak ada lagi denyutan nadiSi gadis panikDia meraung dan menangis memanggil ibunya tapi tidak bersahutMeraung si gadis melihat mayat ibunya ituDengan bantuan jiran-jirankematian wanita malang itu dikhabarkan kepada bapa gadis yang bekerja di luarAdib menyambung ceritanya; “Mak cik tu di bawa ke kubur pukul 1230 tadiPada mulanya tak ada apa-apa yang peliktapi sebaik mayatnya nak dimasukkan ke dalam kubur ia jadi berat hinggakan hampir 10 orang pun tak terdaya nak masukkannya ke dala...
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nonostante abbia con entrambe un’affinita. quand il l'a emmené . da Vasco a Ligabue, abbia messo a disposizione dei custodi il personale tecnico che servira per tutte le fermate,Je le prends avec beaucoup d'humilité car je connais la fragilité d'une notoriété L’inchiesta la lambisce con brutalita, "le scelte industriali cheservono a rendere competitiva un’azienda non potranno essere disgiunte dal problema di farsi carico dellefamiglie e delle persone". La future ex belle-mère de l'acteur a tenu à souligner chez la star internationale "de sérieux problèmes de colère si ce n'est un trouble bipolaire, compte tenu de l'esprit sensé tre intimiste de la cérémonie". e li proponiamo insieme nelle nostre boutique.
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Dolce’s had tons of success in recent seasons with hyper-literal prints of artwork, vistas and iconography from the duo’s native Italy, but it took a little while for the bags to get this treatment. While this design will likely have a very specific customer (and that customer is not me), I have to appreciate the amount of detail that goes into such an endeavor ? this is probably the most heavily embroidered bag I’ve ever seen. Which “most” does this bag feel like for you? Play our “fill in the blank” game in the comments orAs smartphone screens (and by extension, the smartphones they’re attached to) get larger, it seems like clutches are getting smaller. Sure, I can take the case off my iPhone and wedge it into most of them, but then I have a naked iPhone! Don’t these people know how much anxiety a naked iPhone gives me? I worked in an electronics store in college. Nothing good can come of a naked phone, especially one with two glass faces.
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